Company profile

Our profile and history

KROSNO has been a synonym for best quality since 1923. We are one of the largest manufacturers of glassware in Poland and a well-established supplier to more than 60 international markets. Every day, we enrich people’s lives all over the world, creating unique products for a wide range of applications such as alcohol and beverage glassware, dinnerware as well as decorative glass and glassware gifts.

KROSNO brand

KROSNO takes users to a world where sophistication, beauty and quality are the most cherished values. We are inspired by lives of contemporary individuals but we also retain history and tradition. Our concepts originate from the diversity of places and people around us. We value simplicity and minimalism, which makes our designs a perfect addition to a whole variety of interior decor. All of this makes every KROSNO product unique.

Glass legacy

With nearly 100 years of excellent craftsmanship renowned for its attention to the very last detail, KROSNO has become an icon in Polish glassware. The brand is recognised at home and abroad for its quality, beauty, sophistication and crystal clarity. We owe this success to the work of many generations of artists and craftsmen, who have created unique and durable products harnessing their passion and commitment. While drawing on our tradition, we remain open to new ideas thus making our glassware even more beautiful, durable and varied with each year.

Our products

The KROSNO brand encompasses a wide range of products which stand out for their functionality, exquisite workmanship and timeless design. Traditional handmade glassware is our international trademark. Our customers also have a high regard for our machine-formed glassware, available in excellent quality at competitive prices. We provide bespoke glassware to business customers worldwide, offering a full range of services from design to the final product.

Art and technology

KROSNO glassware is created by masters of their craft, including glasswork artists, designers, grinders and decorators. It is thanks to their work that every product combines a unique design, exquisite workmanship and latest technological advancements. Over the years, we have developed a method which helps us achieve flawless colourlessness of molten glass, and our quality control team always ensures reliability and perfection.

Krosno Glass company

Our products are made at Krosno Glass glassworks in south-eastern Poland. We are proud of the efficient glass forming production lines in our facility, along with impressive furnaces, and equipment used to melt and form the most beautiful models of handmade glassware by our glasswork artists.