DUET is a collection created in response to the challenge posed to mechanically formed products of bringing them as close as possible to hand-made products.

Their design, balance and details are the reference point for the entire tasting glass market.

  Particularly noteworthy are the glasses which are the leitmotif of the new collection and inaugurate technological changes in the area of pulled leg. The changed specificity of production and the new forms have allowed to achieve products whose very good economic balance is combined with excellent utility values.

  The basic changes include the bottom of the glass, the formation of the bowl, and the specificity of the point connecting both elements. The bottoms have been clearly shaded and flattened, thus limiting the arch of the shape and making it slimmer and lighter. The improved optics allowed for increasing the diameter of the bottom, which corresponds better with the dimensions of the bowl, creating an elegant whole. This also influenced the ergonomics and improved the glass grip - better weight distribution translates directly into more accurate balancing.

  The place where the leg is pulled out is another visible change. It contains less material, making the connection more subtle. Shaping the glass in this new way also had a positive effect on the transparency of the bowl near the bottom - the less amount of glass reduces image deformation, allowing a better look at the visual qualities of the drink.

 The collection is complemented by classics. The champagne/prosecco glass, the spherical GinBaloon, and glasses: the practical STEMLESS and the WHISKY OLD FASHIONED which retains the characteristic trapezoidal shape.


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