The ETHEREAL KROSNO stemware collection is a perfect choice for both HORECA professionals and wine buffs.

Seasoned sommeliers recommend stemware made of ultrathin glass, which allows the wine to move freely inside. The lightness of the glass itself is surprising as the almost unnoticeable weight and subtlety of its edges allows you to fully concentrate on admiring and savouring the wine.

Each type of glass has a different design, shape and weight, which is incredibly important in terms of aromas and flavours produced. The shape of the bowls was designed to concentrate the wine bouquet and have it move towards the mouth of the glass fairly quickly while the tall and slender stem helps maintain a low temperature of its contents.

The ETHEREAL line will bring out the best in both light-bodied, fruity wines and structured, complex and noble types of wines that captivate the palate with their silkiness and rich taste.

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